Milkyway Galaxy, 밀키웨이갤럭시

우리들의 별을 품은 메타버스, 지구를 넘어 우주를 소유한다, 구글어스2 우주버전, 메타버스와 NFT의 결합, Metaverse & NFT

제페토, 로블록스, 구글어스2, 밀키웨이갤럭시 메타버스 NFT를 선도하는 플랫폼

Milkyway Galaxy, 밀키웨이갤럭시


Milky Way Galaxy "Another Universe" pioneer benefits are given to the first 10,000 people who pre-order now.



Purchase Guide

*Notice 1:

– Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” flags are only sold on, Pre-sale site, or OpenSea market.
Therefore, Milky Way Galaxy flags purchased elsewhere will not be accepted. 

– Multiple applications can be submitted at once.

– After selecting the quantity to apply, click the Metamask button to participate.

– We only accept Metamask wallet addresses and are not responsible in any case of giving a wallet address different from Metamask. (Our NFTs can only be transferred through Metamask wallet address)

– You can transfer the requested amount of ETH from the wallet you are using to the copied deposit address above.

(1 flag = 0.6 ETH)

– TXID must be input. If you do not enter the TXID, your participation will be invalid.

– TXID can be found on the Etherscan website.

– Once the registration process completes, Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” NFT will be sent sequentially to the registered Metamask wallet addresses.

– The Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” flag design will be given randomly.

* Notice 2:  You cannot participate without a referral code.
– Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” pioneer benefits are given to the first 10,000 people who pre-order now.
ℹ️ More Bonus: 👉 Our Pioneer Recruitment 👈

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Market Price 0.7 ETH