Milkyway Galaxy, 밀키웨이갤럭시

우리들의 별을 품은 메타버스, 지구를 넘어 우주를 소유한다, 구글어스2 우주버전, 메타버스와 NFT의 결합, Metaverse & NFT

제페토, 로블록스, 구글어스2, 밀키웨이갤럭시 메타버스 NFT를 선도하는 플랫폼

Milkyway Galaxy, 밀키웨이갤럭시

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Limited Free Tickets

How To Participate

1. Like and follow Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” Facebook and write a comment and capture it.

2. Join group on Telegram and capture it.

3. Access the Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” event website, register all the captured photos, and complete participation in the event.
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Join the event now and get 10,000 Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” Ticket Code for free.

Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” is a metaverse platform themed around the vast universe.

Create your star among many stars and create a city in that space,
You can make friends, come to your friend’s star to play, then earn tourism profits.

You can also buy and sell goods by entering various brand stores.

Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” also provides an SNS function, so you can share information with friends who have similar interests inside.

You can name and gift your stars to others in the Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe”.



What is a Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” Ticket?

With Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” Ticket, you can click on the Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” system stars and purchase any unnamed star for free.

It can use on the Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe”, which will open in March 2022 as the Milky Way Galaxy Phase 1 plan.

📌 Free Ticket event to buy Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe” star: Until October 30, 2021.
📌 Limited Free tickets: 10,000 pcs

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